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summer 2022 just got faster.


Check It Out!

  • 30 feet tall!

  • Over 225 feet long!

  • Super fast!

  • Open for business Memorial day 2022!


Q: How tall is it compared to the yellow slide?

A: It is over double the height! The yellow slide is 14' tall and this one is over 30'!

Q: Can two people ride the slide at a time?

A: Nope! Only one at a time.

Q: How tall do you have to be to ride the slide?

A: You must be 48" tall to ride the new slide.

Q: Can I take a swim test to ride the slide if I am not tall enough?

A: No, due to the nature of the slide, we must follow height rules.

Q: Will I have to pay extra to ride the slide?

A: Not at all! All attractions except for the FlowRider are included in general admission.

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