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The purpose of our Level 5 class is to help children refine their performance of all four swimming strokes introduced in previous levels (freestyle, elementary backstroke, backstroke, and breaststroke.) In addition, children will be introduced to two new strokes—butterfly and sidestroke. Children will also learn flip turns and how to dive from the blocks and continue swimming. If all the skills for this level are met, children will be prepared to be a part of our swim team.


Successful completion of Level 4 or child can

perform skills listed for that level




skills learned

Dolphin kick

Rotary breathing

Freestyle for 50 yards

Backstroke for 25 yards

Breaststroke for 25 yards

Introduction to Butterfly

Introduction to Sidestroke

Treading water 2 minutes

Flip turns on front and back

Open turns on front and back

Elementary backstroke for 50 yards

Shallow-angle dive and begin swimming

Diving from a standing position and off the blocks

Push off in a streamlined position (front and back) and begin kicking

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